Mole Removal Pen LCD Laser Plasma Pen Wart Remover Mole Tattoo Remover Removal Spot Cleaner

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Mole Removal Pen LCD Laser Plasma Pen Wart Remover Mole Tattoo Remover Machine Skin Tag Removal Spot Cleaner Beauty Device

Battery: 800MAH 3.7V
Input current: 5V/1A
Output power: MAX5W
Material: ABS + steel needle

How to use: 

1. Assemble the needle: Clean the needle and skin with alcohol; thread the thick needle into the hole tip directly clockwise, while for the fine needle insert it into the needle guard first, and then pass the needle guard into the hole clockwise.
2. Power button: Long press the power button (ON/OFF) for 2s to power on. The screen shows the remaining power capacity. Long press the ON/OFF for 2s again to power off. In power-on state, it shuts down automatically 10 minutes after there is not any operation.
3. Levels switch button: After you power on, press the (ON/OFF) button to switch one level. Press the (ON/OFF) button continuously to switch from the 1st to the 6th levels in sequence, with the number to indicates levels.
4. Lighting spotlight button: After you power on, double-click (ON/OFF) button to turn on the spotlight and double-click (ON/OFF) button again to turn off the spotlight.
5. Discharge: After selecting the level, you must press and hold the (OUT) button to discharge. At the same time, the work indicator lights up. When you release the button, it does not discharge and it remains in the standby state. It automatically stands by for 2 minutes if you press for a long time.

Warm tip: 

The work indicator of the mole removal pen is flashing in green, indicating that the charging is in progress. A steady green indicates that the charge is full (charging time is about 8 hours).
It can not be charged during work. Do not overcharge or charge after power runs out, otherwise it will affect the battery life.

Packing list: 

Fine needle * 10
Thick needle * 3
Needle sleeve * 1
Manual * 1
Wireless charging base * 1
USB data cable * 1
Mole removal pen * 1





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